TAKVA Wudhu Socks

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TAKVA WUDHU SOCKS are designed to fit to the daily lifestyle of Muslims. It replaces the regular leather khuffain and allows for simpler ablution (masah) whether travelling, at the office or outdoors.

TAKVA Wudhu Socks have been tested and they comply with the requirements to make them allowable to do masah on (wudhu by wiping over the socks instead of washing the feet).

TAKVA Wudhu Socks uses a special 3-layered fabric technology that gives greater comfort and breathability to the skin. So even though our socks are 100% waterproof, they still allow moisture from the skin to escape. And because we pride ourselves in providing quality in comfort and use, we chose Bamboo Rayon for the innermost layer closest to the skin, because its softness, breathability and moisture-wicking goes unrivalled.

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