Your Best, Modest Outerwear. In a Bag.

Preorder your Prayer Parka™ Now.

We are currently collecting pre-orders for the Prayer Parka™ and you'll be able to enjoy a special discount only for this period. All deliveries will commence in June 2019.

Quality Fabrics. Elegant Design.

Because we recognized that there's a need for every occasion.

Innovation in the Details

It's always the little things that make a difference. We've considered everything- from the ease of wear to comfort to feeling and looking great. And these have led us to refine our design details over and over again to make our Prayer Parka truly stand out.

The Double Hood

An in-built inner cap doubled with adjustable outer hood grips give you the quick, modest throw-on you need without extra fuss. With or without hijab, we've got it all down pat.

Thumb Anchors

Our sleeves are made of stretchy fabric at the wrist area to make wudhu taking a breeze. Slip your fingers into the thumbholes when you pray so the sleeves do not move up your wrists!

Compact & Complete Portability.

Because we're all travellers at one point or another, we've made sure the Prayer Parka is designed for travel. Each comes with a drawstring bag included for compact storage and portability.

Watch the Inspiration Behind the Prayer Parka™.

Because doing what we're commanded to do deserves the very best.

Read more about the stories behind our projects and why we do what we do.

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"Because when we care to show the best of ourselves on the outside, we can focus better on beautifying ourselves inside."