Takva Co.

Mint-blended Infinity Underscarf™

$14.99 $17

You can receive 30% off a Mint Infinity Underscarf™ with every Infinity Hijab™ Set purchased.


★ The TAKVA Infinity Underscarf is the perfect sidekick to drive the TAKVA Infinity Hijab to ultimate performance.

★ Each underscarf has 4 innovative magnetic pockets with 2 magnets on each side to lock your outer hijabs in place.

★ The pockets make sure your magnets never ever fall out or get lost. But the magnets are also easily removable if you ever want to replace them or give them a quick wash in the washing machine.

★ Our specially designed silicon strips run along your face and help keep those pesky strands of hair out of sight.

★ Made from Mint-blended jersey material which is cooling, odor-control, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.