Updates on Production Status


We know everyone's anxiously waiting for their items which were pre-ordered in order to help us with kickstarting the production. Here are the latest updates for each campaign, including an explanation of delays (if any)

Prayer Parka™ 

Update #7 (19th July 2019): Fulfilment in progress

There was a slight delay in shipping out your orders due to an incoming typhoon. However, we are up and running now and all pending orders will be shipped out next week.

Unfortunately some of you still have yet to respond to us to update your shipping contact number. We need this information in order to ship your parcels out, otherwise they'll risk being stranded somewhere! So please send us an email at support@takva.co, especially if you have yet to receive your parcels within the next two weeks.

Update #6 (19th July 2019): FINAL SHIPPING DATES

All of us at TAKVA are pumped and psyched to begin the fulfilment process next week for our Prayer Parka backers!

Please note that we will not be able to reply to your enquiries as much as we would have been able to, but we will try our best. Hence we encourage you to sort out all your details with us prior to our shipping, to avoid any delays.

We have sent out an email to you regarding your order and shipping details. If there are any missing information (size, contact number etc.) we will not be able to ship your products, so please confirm with us beforehand. We will be delaying the shipping your orders by a week as we will need to send out individual emails to request for your information.

Also, if you have not confirmed your orders, please note the date of shipment is on 26th July and we will bear no responsibility for lost/wrong parcels due to incorrect details after your order has been shipped.

Here are the scheduled dates for shipment:

22-23 July: Arrival of Prayer Parkas at our warehouse

24-25 July: Shipping of confirmed orders & Express orders

26 July: Shipping of unconfirmed orders (but with all details completed)

29 July: Emails will be sent to remaining backers with incomplete details

30 July and after: Rest of the orders (depends on the date of your reply)

Please have patience with us during this time of shipping as our team is working day and night to ensure the best service and that your parcels get to you accurately and safely.

Looking forward to you receiving your parcels!!


The Takva Team


Latest estimated shipment date: July 2019

This is what we have sorted out since our last update:

  • As of today, all the Prayer Parka™ patterns have been cut from the bare fabric sheets. Meaning that what will happen from now onwards is the sewing. Alhamdulillah!
  • Inner hood- our last sample quality check failed as the inner hood didn't function well with the outer hood due to a production error, so we have instructed the team to take extra care not to miss the extra seam lines which make them function as expected.
  • We also sorted out the sleeve lengths to make sure that they are comfortable enough for solat and doing wudhu.
  • Care labels- we've upped the quality to satin care labels. Small details, but high on the satisfaction rating!
  • Drawstring Bags- we've changed some design aspects so that the drawstring bags will last through the entire Prayer Parka™'s lifespan.
  • Packaging production is also completed!

And with that marks the final detailed checks, and the production team will take around 2 more weeks to complete the sewing (inshaAllah!). Then, the products will be shipped to our fulfillment center for mass order fulfillment. 

Thank you for your immense patience!


TAKVA Wudhu Socks

All parcels have been shipped and tracking numbers have been sent to all our backers.


Infinity Hijab™

Update #2: Colors confirmed, estimated shipping date October - November '19

Our Color poll just recently ended and we have collected the results. Here are the top 4 colors you selected!

Jet Black. Blush. Aegan. Cloud.

We will need you to choose your final Hijab color in the following form, as well as input your shipping (especially your contact number) details, otherwise, you will not be able to receive your items: https://takva.co/pages/infinity-hijab-order-confirmation

Update #1: Latest estimated shipment date: September 2019

We are currently refining the prototype and it is going according to schedule. Stay tuned for more detailed updates soon!