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Risa-chan just reverted to Islam yesterday, 8 Nov 2015, during a lecture by Dr. Zakir Naik, with over 1000 witnesses. Alhamdulillah! May Allah guide more like her. You can follow updates on her life as a Japanese muslimah at muslimahtokyo.com and @muslimahtokyo.

I was deeply touched by Islam when I participated in SSEAYP (Ship for South East Asian and Japanese Youth program) in 2011, where I spent 53days with 200 participants from all ASEAN nations. This was where I also met my Malay-Malaysian fiancé, Muslim friends and foster family. I was amazed when I found out they are living in peace as Muslims and I was so lucky that I saw them for who they truly are without any misconceptions or prejudices before.

It has been 3 years back and forth between Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo where I tried to experience and learn Islam practice and culture ever since I had promised to get married to my fiancé, because I did not want to revert “just for marriage”, as I believed this is my greatest opportunity that I am going to get for my religion.

The hardship came in 2015; I had to operate on my leg, which required me a year to be fully recovered. I was so devastated because at that time I was thinking it is the time for us to get married. But he told me “Accept whatever you have, and believe that you will be better . Do your best and I will do the same for you”. Because of his words and continuous support, I have been through the hardest time and I was sure his words are based on his belief. This brings me into reading Quran so I got Japanese translated Quran and I am so amazed and overwhelmed by reading only Chapter 1 to 2 teach me what is to believe in Allah.

I believe November 7, 2015 was the day for me. I made Shahada led by Dr Zakir Naik in his lecture with over 1,200 witnesses. He had answered my question on how I deal with other religious practice in society as Japanese Muslim. The answer by him was “If you do not go against what Quran says, it should not be a problem” with his warm smile and clear eyes. I am strongly convinced that this is the essential answer for all matters Muslims around the world may have. It was my last question before reverting and it has everything on it. So I followed Dr Zakir Naik to do  my Shahada, I felt so relieved that I am finally part of Islam and I felt my heart gets clean. Here, I tell you that this day was the first time I went outside by myself after the leg operation, the first day I met my Japanese Muslim sister Nur Arisa Maryam who took me to Dr Zakir Naik lecture, the first time to learn nature is a creation of Allah at Tokyo Camii and the similar topics that were delivered by Dr Zakir Naik in his lecture. Again the day was the day for me.

Risa-chan (left), with Arisa-chan after her shahada was taken.
Risa-chan (left), with Arisa-chan after her shahada was taken.

Here I would like to thank Allah and my Muslim brothers and sisters who witnessed my Shahada. Also I appreciate my Muslim friends who inspired me and lead me towards Islam. One thing I am missing is my fiancé did not witness my shahada since he is currently in Malaysia but I believe he will witness my life as revert Muslim till the end, towards Jannah together.



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  • Dr. Salimur Rahman Khan On

    Please study and practice

  • ummu Bilal tsurayya On

    assalamu’alaykum sister Risa

    May Allah make you strong,steadfast and well grounded in this deen. Ameen.

  • Asep Saepurohman On


  • kaiser amran On

    Allah(swt) blessed you here sister. be a true muslimah so that Allah(swt) will bless u hereafter.keep speeding the true message of islam.
    your brother of deen from bangladesh.

  • fids212 On

    Syukur Alhamdulillah to our sseayp sister.. May Allah always be with you.. ♡♡♡

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