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After Kenichi visited Indonesia for the very first time, he became very curious about Muslims and Islam. Within months, he began learning about Islam from videos on YouTube and Islamic books that he managed to get his hands on. During his holidays, he took every opportunity of free time he could get to go to the masjid. Little by little, Kenichi began to love Islam and his Muslim friends.

Kenichi still has questions about Allah, however, and this stresses him. Brought up as a Buddhist, he is familiar to the concept where the gods are represented as statues. He knows Allah is not a statue, so he asks, “Where is Allah? Can anyone explain about Allah?”

Kenichi is trying his best to learn about Islam from the many books that he has bought even though he is busy. He has also stopped eating pork, and is trying his very best to get answers and support. Insha’Allah from this post, he may receive the help he needs, and may Allah grant him guidance, Ameen!

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  • Aaishah On

    Hi! You might like the podcast series at ☺ Happy hunting!

  • Hannah Ahmad On

    Hi Kenichi :)

    May Allah’s peace and blessings be with you.

    I’m also a revert who was exploring Buddhism for a few years. I wanted to share some resources with you and congratulate you for seeking, searching and reflecting and hope Allah strengthens you in faith as soon as possible. Before I do share, just wanted to say don’t give up because the devil (or Shaytan) tries to attack people the hardest when they are trying to come onto the right path but all he can do is whisper! Allah is the only one with power and he tells us trust him and he will guide us.

    You might like to hear from other reverts from a Buddhist background like Shaykh Hussein Yee –

    Here is the story of another brother from a Buddhist background (everyone’s journey is unique!) –

    I would encourage you to learn as much about Allah as possible! This is usually taught in Islamic Sciences in a field called aqeeda. You can also learn about Allah from the Qur’an and by studying His Names and Attributes. Qalam Now ( has a short course on Allah’s names that is great. Another resource online is

    There is an online course which really helped me when starting this whole process of trying to make sure I understood what I needed to about Allah and it is called BLF101 offered at If you’re able to study a text called Aqeeda Tahawiya it is the most widely accepted work on the subject of Allah based on religious sources.

    From these resources you will learn some principles that are derived from the Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophet peace be upon him that will help when reflecting on Allah. For example, one of them is that we have to accept that we can only know about Him what He wants us to know and that our knowledge is limited. He’s given us enough information about himself and signs in the universe for us to have strong faith

    May Allah open the doors of understanding and knowledge for you and grant you a successful, smooth and steadfast journey.

    Your sister in Islam,


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