No, I’m not filling my water bottle in the toilet for drinking!

I never considered that the bottle I used to drink water with is something I'll need while using a public restroom. I had the most awkward moment of my life as a new resident of a non-muslim country. Finding a bathroom when I was travelling around London was simple, but the experience did not go as planned. You probably have already guessed it. Yes! There was no water to clean yourself. 

As a Muslim, cleanliness is a significant part of our religion. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said,

                                                    الطُّهُورُ شَطْرُ الإِيمَانِ  

                                          “Cleanliness is half of faith”

                                                 (Sahih Muslim 223)

As an aspiring Muslim, I never compromise with cleanliness. Therefore, I decided not to give up as I refuse to leave the bathroom using paper (yuck!). The only option was a water bottle (either buy from a nearby store or use the one I have in my bag for once), however, the task grew more difficult. The fear of people staring at you filling up a water bottle in the washroom is quite frightening, to be honest. One of them even asked out of curiosity, “why are you drinking the water from the sink tap?” ” 

Of course, I didn’t want to have to stand there and explain that I am actually filling the water to use it INSIDE the cubicle…

You must agree regardless of your faith or culture, “Water cleans it better”. And a water bottle is the best option for me when I’m going to the public restroom,), because most Western public toilets do not have any Bidet installed to clean myself. Even if they do have bidets, you will need a great amount of courage to turn the bidet on (by pressing the handle or turning the bidet tap on), because… well, you never know how clean was the last hand that used the bidet in that cubicle.🤢

Furthermore, a water bottle simply cannot give you the same experience as a Bidet. There has to be something extraordinary that doesn’t attract attention and can be used without hesitation at the same time.

I believe that Bidoo has the potential to meet such a need of ours. It’s portable, is able to hold enough water to clean yourself (it holds 250ml, enough for a few small trips or one big trip!) and it does not leaks after you cap it and store in the bag. PLUS- it is so comfortable to squeeze AND  it gives a generous spray of water at one go without  having to keep pumping. Not only that, you can even prefill it for your next trip to the loo. This innovative design also has a nozzle that fits to all common PET bottles, so you can just keep the nozzle in your pocket for extra portability and use it on any bottle you find nearby. Isn’t this cool? 

Now, who is ready to clean themselves better with Bidoo