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Editor’s note
The moment I met Aya-chan, we instantly clicked. Never mind the fact that we could hardly communicate (she couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Japanese, our time was spent checking what each other was saying in Google Translate), the pureness and innocence of her soul shone on her face, and was contagious to everyone around her. Masha’Allah.

Below is Aya-chan’s story, written in Japanese. The English translation comes after.

私はイスラム教徒になる運命でした。今思えば、私が生まれた時から。私とIslamの共通点: 私はアルコールが嫌い。私はタバコが嫌い。私は長袖(ながそで)と長いスカートが好き。私は優しい心でありたい。私は嘘が嫌い。私は心も身体も綺麗でいたい。私はこの気持ちをベースに色々な出会いを経験しました。そして私は旦那さんと出会いました。私は最初、イスラム教徒を意識していませんでした。私は彼の優しい性格を沢山(たくさん)見ました。彼は1つしかない飴を、歯で割って私にくれました。彼は日本のホームレスにお金を与えました。私は優しい彼に感動しました。私は色々な経験をして、私がイスラム教徒になっても変わらないと思いました。なぜなら共通点が多いからです。そして私は、今年の4月に初めて1人でモスクへ行きました。下山さんは、イスラム教の平等感について語りました。国や肌の色は関係ない。全ては平等。神への感謝の気持ちは大切。幸せはあたりまえではない。私は再び色々考えました。感謝の気持ちを行動にすることが大切だと思いました。私がモスクへ行くたびに、お友達が増え、みんなが優しくしてくれました。私は困っている人を助けるイスラム教徒を見てきました。私は今年の5月5日にイスラム教徒になりました。11月で半年です。私はクルアーンを覚えた時、嬉しい気持ちになります。私は毎日とても幸せです。

Subhanallah! Alhamdulillah! Allahuakbar!

I believe that to be a muslimah is my destiny. Since I was born, I have many common things between Islam and me. For example, I hate alcohol. I don’t like smoking. I like wearing long sleeves and long skirts. I want to be a kind person. I don’t like telling a lie. I would love to be a beautiful person inside out. 

I’ve experienced many things after I met my sweet husband. I didn’t take Islam seriously as his religion – but I’ve seen his kindness many many times. One day he gave me a small candy even it was only one which he had at the time. He shared it with me by dividing it into two with his teeth. He gave money to people who didn’t have a home in Japan. I was totally impressed with him. I had various experiences and I haven’t changed after I became a muslimah. Because I have many common things with Islam.

I went to the mosque by myself for the first time this April. A Japanese Muslim man at the mosque talked about the equality of Islam. He said, “No matter where we are from and what colour we have on the face, we are same. And it’s really important for us to appriciate Allah. It’s not natural you are happy now. You have to think it greatly and you need to be thankful.” 

Everytime I go to the mosque I get a lot of friends and they are so kind. I have met many muslims who helped people in trouble. I became a muslimah on 5th of May 2015. It has passed 6 months in November. I feel so happy when I learn Quran. I am very happy everyday thanks to Islam.

SubhanAllah! Alhamdulillah! Allahu Akbar!



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