Which Journey Would You Choose?

Yesterday was really interesting. I talked to 2 friends, each of different faith experiences, and both told me their own unique spiritual journeys. No religions will be mentioned here.

Ok, so people have a multitude of characters. But one thing I have found really consistent so far is this, and I have asked myself this question too, many times- why is it that most of the people I come across in one religious group are totally ignorant about the other groups yet are so sure they are right about theirs without truly understanding their faith, and yet so far the people I come across in the other group know relatively much more about the other groups, study it and fully respect it even though there are things they don't agree with?

My first friend, J, was a convert. He spoke of the Revelation he had when he changed his religion- all about how the first religion's teachings were so routine and dry and everything changed when he went to the second religion's place of worship, where everyone was praising and shouting and crying and being loud etc. There, he found God. And that he totally could understand how I feel, but I am not being open, so why not go join him one day in the said second religion's place of worship. I told him, there's nothing wrong with being routine and dry, as long as you can come to terms with the meaning behind the routine. "But what you are doing now is basing everything on human reasoning, because you haven't gained that 'spiritual enlightenment' yet. You just have to step into the ___, one time would do," he said. (And then later he agreed with me that logic and understanding still has to come before you get spiritual enlightenment....)

Now then I went to talk to my other friend F, whom I had met in university but never talked to much, actually. She kept telling me she wasn't that strong in her religion, and told me the struggles she had with it. And she shared with me really personal issues, things that she'd never tell anyone, things that even her religion would frown upon. And for her to actually choose God above everything she wanted... that was what touched me the most. "Losing God is like letting go of that rope," she said. And I know that anyone of any religion could have told me their personal issues and finding God through it... just that there was something really different about the way this friend told me about hers- not a BAM I found revelation and I will be saved! kinda feeling but a more humble, quiet beginning that I could see would continue to grow.

After the talk yesterday, I felt so much clearer- I guess I'd been putting off something I should have started long ago since I knew I was heading that way. So I am finally getting down to business as of today, do wish me luck... wait, I mean pray for me =)

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