To the Hesitant Soul

Dear Hesitant Soul,

You wondered if you'd be able to follow all the rules of Islam. You thought to yourself, there's too much rules to adhere to, too much restriction.

So you hesitated.

You didn't want to seem like a hypocrite, by doing things contradictory to the faith, by not being able to give up drinking, or not wearing modest clothing.

So you hesitated.

You worried about your family and friends and what they would think of you, how they would judge you, and the inconveniences you may bring to them.

So you hesitated.

You saw the news, day by day, of terrorists which the media conveniently linked to Muslims. You probably also saw the other side, of Muslims being discriminated because of their faith, and you were afraid of the islamophobia that would hit you if you converted.

So you hesitated.


But, Hesitant Soul,

You were exposed to the Truth of Islam, no matter how it came to you, and you realized that you could no longer deny the Truth: you believe in Allah, the Absolute One and Only, having no partners or sons, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe; and in Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) as the Messenger of Allah.

And you know that you would not have gotten this knowledge if He did not grant to you, indeed, you are indebted to Him, and indeed, you have an obligation to fulfil.


Would you still hesitate?


Meryem's note:

This post does not just refer to the thoughts of a person who is hesitating to convert to Islam. It could also refer to other personal decisions that we make for the sake of getting closer to Him. By writing this, I want to say, you're not alone, dear hesitant soul.

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