In Times of Difficulty


I came across this post a few weeks ago.

It tears my heartstrings every time I go back to reread it over and over, such is the strength of this woman! And I cannot help but feel that the difficulties that I face at this point can never- I emphasize, never- amount to the pain and loss that this woman feels. And yet she remains strong, never berating God even once. And if I might take an excerpt from the post,

I can't say anything except innalillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return), and continue to make duaa for him. I refuse to dishonour him or myself by asking God "why" he took him or thinking "if only he hadn't gone to the protest on Friday, he would be alive." No, it was Amr's time to return to Allah, I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. And although I wish I had more time with him in the dunya, I sincerely look forward to reuniting with him and being his wife, if God allows me, in paradise.

And one more:

...he didn't die right away, he was alive for a few moments. His left hand was holding his chin where the bullet had entered, and his right index finger went up, and he said clearly "ashhadu anna la illaha ilAllah, wa ashhadu ana Muhammadun rasoolullah (There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.)" and he had a huge smile on his face, as though it was his wedding day. When I heard this, I couldn't help but cry that Allah had honoured me just by letting me know this wonderful person and allowing me to have his child.

And I told S after that, I do hope that insya'Allah the time comes for any one of us to leave this world, we leave with a smile on our face declaring the shahada, and that the other one of us shall find immense comfort through the verse "innalillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un".

As muslims, we are always told to see difficult events in our lives as tests from God. He gives us these tests because He knows we are capable of overcoming it, and in turn, become closer in our journey to Him. And we should never, NEVER ever get angry with Him or cry "Why, God? Why did You do this to me?" because that insults the Plan that He has for us.

I found this passage (and also added a bit of my own) which I found really helpful during one of those 'down' moments. Essentially it carries this meaning: Whenever you  find yourself not being able to handle the trials in your life, think. Because there are so many people out there, including our Prophets from the past, who faced even more difficult situations and yet persisted, prayed and continued being faithful to God.

If you're SEPARATED from someone dear to you for whatever reason,
...remember Ibrahim/Abraham (alaihis-salaam), who obeyed God and left his wife and his first-born child in the wilderness.

If you're HURT by people, who share the same blood as you,
...remember Yusuf/Joseph (alaihis-salaam), who was betrayed by his own brothers.

If you find your PARENTS opposing you,
....remember Ibrahim/Abraham (alaihis-salaam), whose father helped build the idols.

If you're STUCK with a problem where there's no way out,
....remember Yunus/Jonah (alaihis-salaam) stuck in the belly of a whale.

If you're ill & your body cries with PAIN,
....remember Ayoob/Job (alaihis-salaam) who was more ill than you.

If someone SLANDERS you,
....remember Ai'sha (radhi allahu anha) who was slandered throughout the city.

If you're LONELY,
....recall Aadam/Adam (alaihis-salaam) who was created alone.

If you CAN'T SEE any LOGIC around you,
...think of Nuh/Noah (alaihis-salaam) who built an ark without questioning.

If you are CONDEMNED and REJECTED and LOOKED DOWN UPON by the society and community,
...think of Isa/Jesus (alaihis-salaam) who was condemned to be crucified even though he did no wrong.

If you feel DESPAIR when the ones you love refuse to believe;
... think of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) whose own beloved uncle refused to declare the worship to One God even during his last moments on his deathbed.

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