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Before that day, I was a normal Japanese. In reality, I was following the ‘trend’, going to shrines and temples during New Year. But I didn’t have a religion. Of course, I ate pork and drank alcohol as  a typical Japanese…

But one day , I felt strongly there is One God in the world… when I thought why was I born in Japan? Why did the sun always rise from east? Why is there iron buried under the Earth? Why does the Earth revolve so regularly? etc…. Then, I thought, who is the real God? I had the image of God as a transparent being. So, I started to find him by newspapers and the Internet. I searched Buddism, Christianity, and Islam.

I eliminated Buddhism first because there are many sects in Buddhism. If I converted into one sect of Buddhism, my feelings will always be confused as to which sect and teaching is more better and the truth? Also, some people have said that they believe in Buddhism but they don’t know the details and they don’t study into it. They only know the surface… I felt they were just following the crowd, it’s not clear.

I eliminated Christianity next, also because there are many sects.  I felt that it was just as confusing as  Buddhism too. I also thought it’s strange that the ‘New Testament’ in the Bible was written after 600-1000 years after Christ’s death and there are many versions- some groups use one version but another group doesn’t. I researched into this and heard directly from Christians that the Bible is the Word of God… but it was like a fiction story…it was not clear too.

Islam was the most clear for me. There’s one Book- the Qur’an. It’s the most important. And Islam has rules as to the way to live our lives, unlike other religions. I felt moved… So I decided to become Muslim!!! The most important reason was that Islam is clear and is more important than religion… In fact it is not religion… It’s Deen (the way of life). Our final purpose is entering Heaven with all the people of the world . Allahumdulillah!

We have to improve to become good people and Muslims, step by step. So we have to study together. For example, joining Jammah, searching only from Quran and Hadith and sometimes asking Imam. Some brothers & sisters give advice for us, Thank you! But we must still say, “Please show or teach me evidence, and from which books?” Humans sometimes misunderstand and say things that are untrue… So if we do Da’wah for Muslim and non-Muslim , we must check evidence from Quran or Hadith before doing. Let’s follow the right Islam gradually. For example, pray Fajr in the masjid if you live near the masjid. Always wear hijab. Make an effort to not have bad pride, etc.

My dream is to become a Japanese Imam InsyaAllah. Next September, I’ll go to Madinah University, so I have to improve and work very hard.

Thank you so much



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  • laiwana On

    Alhamdullillah amiin

  • Abdullah On

    As salam u alaikum. Dear brother muhammad yusuf i would really like to get in touch with you. As i live in saudia i can insha Allah help you tp get to madina university even though its a simple process but i would like to have the reward for getting your process start in madina university. And after reading your story i really wish to be in touch with you brother so we can work together to do dawah. JAZAK ALLAH U KHAIRAN. Your brother Abdullah. If you are interested kindly email me:

  • Yusuf Hakim On

    “In fact it is not religion… It’s Deen (the way of life).”

    Masya Allah, that word so heart touching. May Allah keep you and guide you

  • e-jump On

    stopping by to say Kakkoi photo Aniki (y).
    Insyaallah you will be an Imam someday and and help guide other non-muslim to understand Islam better

  • D On

    Alhamdulillah Brother. Gambatte. May Allah reward and guide you.

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