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Assalamualaikum everyone. I am Ayana from Japan.

I’m a nursing student and studying about Islam but I’m non-muslim..

I went on a trip to Indonesia with my family in December 2014. The purpose of the trip was to visit an Indonesian friend who stayed at our home 15 years ago and his family, and another Indonesian friend and his family who had hosted my father when he was a university student. At first I only thought “Oh Indonesia, it’s in South-East Asia. I wonder what kind of country it is? I can’t even imagine.” When we arrived there, my friend came to pick up us and I remember that I was just so happy being welcomed by the relatives of my friend. While I was traveling, I didn’t get a strict image of Islam as believed in Japan but rather, I got an impression that people are calm and kind and always keep smiling. I didn’t see anybody hitting children or getting upset.

Then I started to get interested in the women’s clothes. I wondered, “Don’t they feel hot with the cloth on their heads? Why are they wearing that?” After coming back to Japan, I found out that the meaning of Hijab is to protect and that it is a beautiful thing to hide. I thought it’s nice.

I also noticed that there’re various reasons behind things after knowing the meaning of prohibition of pork. I started to think Islam is interesting when I started studying about it. Recently, I don’t have much time for study and I don’t have much confidence. Sometimes, the more I study, the more I get confused and my study gets suspended. In such times, I really don’t know what to do. My close muslim friends have already went back to their home country so I can’t depend on them. I’ve grown up in a Shintoism family so I believe in God, but when it comes to Islam, I feel it’s nice but I’m not sure. I feel God is making it this way. I hope I will be guided to the right path.

Editor’s note

Insha’Allah, let us all dua for Ayana-chan and for her to be guided. Ameen!

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  • Reza On

    I’m from Indonesia and just came back from Japan Travelling. Please visit Tokyo Camii’ Mosque constantly because i think it’ a good place to learn about Islam and to meet so many good people at there.

  • Khalid On



    Dr. Zakir naikの言ったとうり、東アジアのとなりではほとんど皆konfusianismとか shintoismを信じてます。

    Wallahualam bisshawab ?

  • Mario MY On

    Aaminn..insyaAllah everything will be fine. May Allah guide you till to jannah.

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