To the Convert's Friend

This is to you, the Convert's Friend.

The one who is patiently enduring, never forcing.

Always waiting, knowing that Allah will guide her in time.

She passed rumours, thinking she did right; not knowing it was forbidden to backbite.

She was cynical of others, not knowing that as a Muslim, she was always supposed to think the best of people no matter what.

And yet, you waited in patience,

Knowing that the years of upbringing without Islam as her core has shaped her character different from what would've come naturally to others.


This is to you, the Convert's friend.

The one who is never quick to judge.

Though she'd call you lazy sometimes,

scold you for not reading Quran or listening to Nouman Ali Khan,

You never once shot back at her saying, "Look at yourself, why didn't you do your sunnah prayers or memorize a surah?"


This is to you, the Convert's friend.

The persevering imaan buddy.

The one she always runs to, the one who always listens as she enthusiastically reiterates the new things she has learned that day.

You'd try your very best to answer her child-like, curious questions, the stuff you'd never thought of answering before.

And if you couldn't, you'd run to someone more learned for help, all the while telling her not to trust the online sources.


And this is to you, the Convert's friend.

The one who is always the pillar of support and encouragement.

When things go low, and when she feels like she can't handle the criticism from others

You are always there, telling her she has been given gifts from Allah which she has to utilize.

To not give up, to continue in her way of serving Allah.

This is to you, her constant motivation, her constant reminder of the One she is working for, Allah.

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