Stop Complaining, Start Thanking
Being Singaporean, complaining about anything and everything was part of my second nature. (Ok, I shouldn't blame it on my culture. But Singaporeans are in fact infamous for their complaints...) Bus takes too long to arrive, train too crowded? Complain. Food tastes bad? Complain. Toilet too dirty, too much work to do, weather's too hot... there's always something to complain about.
Ever since I've started reading Risale-i Nur I've been enlightened on so many things, and this is one of them. As Allah has predictated the events that we should go through as tests in our life to get closer to him, complaining about anything just seems to speak of our ungratefulness on how He has made our individual life stories. And instead of working hard to face these tests head on and improve ourselves in the process, we waste our time in mindless talk on how things should have been better another way.
It is easy to thank Allah for the blessings and good things he has put in my life, but I am starting to thank Allah for all the trials too. Because when you realise that everything has been given to you to make you stronger and closer to Him, nothing else ever seems like a bad thing anymore. To focus on the present and work hard at being the best I can be for Allah without any regrets, that's how I probably can live my life preparing for the day I meet Him.
 "Since past calamitous hours together with their pains are no longer existent, and future distressing days are at the present time non-existent, and there is no pain from nothing, to continually eat bread and drink water today, for example, because of the possibility of being hungry and thirsty in several days’ time, is most foolish. And in just the same way, to think now of the past and future unhappy hours, which simply do not exist, and to show impatience, and ignoring one’s faulty self, to moan as though complaining about Allah is also most foolish."
- Risale i Nur

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