Takva Co.

COMFIT™ Insert


Product Details

TAKVA COMFIT™ and COMFITPLUS™ Inserts are developed especially for use together with the TAKVA Classic and Premium prayer mats. With varying levels of softness and pressure relief, they make TAKVA prayer mats customizable according to varying preferences of comfort.


Mat Size: 60cm x 120cm

COMFIT™ Insert: 0.6mm thick. Double layered, 2-tone Grey.

COMFITPLUS™ Insert: 0.8mm thick. Dark Grey

Materials & Certifications

COMFIT™ Insert: Specially developed 2-layer eco-friendly, durable, toxic-free foam. SGS, ROHS, 6P certified.

COMFITPLUS™ Insert: Specially developed Pressure-relieving Memory Foam. SGS certified.

product care

The COMFIT™ and COMFITPLUS™ inserts are not to be machine-washed. Slip out the inserts from the prayer mats and spot clean with mild soap and warm water only if desired.