We are constantly updating this page to answer your questions with regard to the fiqh of doing masah on the TAKVA Wudhu Socks, so please check back regularly!

How does TAKVA Wudhu Socks work?

Our socks aid in the performing of Masah (wiping over the socks instead of washing the feet for wudhu). 

What is masah and is it permissible?

Masah is the wiping over the socks instead of washing the feet for wudhu. There is consensus of the Ahl as Sunnah that wiping upon leather socks is permissible. The reason for this permissibility is that there is such a large number of Ahadith in which the wiping of leather socks is mentioned that it has reached the status of tawatur. 

"I was in the company of Allah's Apostle on one of the journeys and he went out to answer the call of nature (and after he finished) I poured water and he performed ablution; he washed his face, forearms and passed his wet hand over his head and over the two Khuff, (leather socks)." Narrated by Al-Mughira bin Shu'ba

What are the conditions for socks to be able to make masah on them?


Our illustrious Fuqaha have studied the khuffs (leather socks) worn in the time of Sahabah and concluded that modern day socks should fulfill these conditions in order to be valid for masah:
  1. They should cover the entire ankle according to the Imams of all four Madhabs. (Al Mousoo’ah alfiqhiyyah al Kuwaitiyyah 37/364)2)
  2. A person should be able to walk with the khuff for three miles without them tearing according to Hanafies. Shafies assert that the sock should be so strong that a person can carry out is basic chores in the stipulated time of a khuff (i.e. one day and night for a muqeem and three days and three nights for a Musafir).According to Hambalies the sock should be such that usually a person can continuously walk with it without it slipping off the foot. (Al Mousooah al fiqhiyyah al Kuwaitiyyah 37/364
  3. Both socks should independently be free from holes to the extent of three of the smallest toes (according to Hanafies). According to Shafies and Hambalies the sock should be totally free from all holes. (AlMousoo’ah al fiqhiyyah al Kuwaitiyyah 37/365)4)
  4. It should be able to remain on the leg without being tied or fastened.
  5. It should be such that if water is poured over it, the water should not seep through them.


What is the method of doing Masah on socks?

Draw the fingers of the right hand on the upper surface of the Wudhu Socks starting from the toes and ending (the Masah) at the foreleg (just above the ankle). The Masah should be done once only on each sock. The right hand should be used for the right sock and the left hand for the left sock.

What breaks the masah?


  • Whatever breaks wudhu also breaks masah of the socks.
  • Removing the socks also breaks masah. (i.e. if a person is in a state of wudhu and he removes his leather socks, masah will break. He will have to wash both his feet again and there is no need to repeat the entire Wudhu. (NOTE: If the leather sock of only one foot was removed, it will be wajib to remove the leather sock of the other foot as well and to wash both the feet.)
  • Masah also breaks with the expiry of the period of masah. If the person is still in a state of wudhu after the expiry of the period, then only the feet will have to be washed.