Your Best, Modest Outerwear. In a Bag.

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Your best, modest outerwear in a bag.

We all need that handy throw-on for those times that we need to be appropriately and modestly dressed, especially when travelling, praying, or during unpredictable events (like the weather!)

 Designed to encompass all the goodness of a parka and abaya, our Prayer Parka™ levels versatility up tenfold. You’ll always feel like you’ve got your best, modest clothes on hand wherever you are, anyplace and anytime.

The Girl in the Prayer Parka

Quality Fabrics. Elegant Design.

Because we recognized that there's a need for every occasion.

Innovation in the Details

It's always the little things that make a difference. We've considered everything- from the ease of wear to comfort to feeling and looking great. And these have led us to refine our design details over and over again to make our Prayer Parka truly stand out.

The Double Hood

An in-built inner cap doubled with adjustable outer hood grips give you the quick, modest throw-on you need without extra fuss.


Keep those sleeves from rising past your wrists with our safety thumbholes as anchors.

Compact & Complete Portability.

Because we're all travellers at one point or another, we've made sure the Prayer Parka is designed for travel. Each comes with a drawstring bag included for compact storage and portability.

The Inspiration Behind

Co-founder Meryem realized she was lugging around prayer dresses that were either too heavy and took up too much space in her bag, or too light that it flew up with the slightest breeze. They were also incredibly wrinkly and extremely unpresentable. With this set of problems to resolve, she teamed up with Aslı, a fashion designer from Turkey, and together they reinvented the everyday prayer dress to live up to the lifestyle needs of today’s Muslim women- presentability, modesty and versatility, anywhere and anytime.

Watch the Inspiration Behind the Prayer Parka™.

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