1. The Family: Where to?

This course has been going on for the past few weeks and I've found it to be very beneficial mashaAllah. I've been wanting to share my notes. But it's a lot. So I'll share bits and pieces and number them inshaAllah.

For now, the introduction.

During the first session, he mentioned how is it that we enter into marriage and parenthood without studying first how to be a wife/husband and how to parent in Islam while Rasulullah  has commanded us to follow him in his ways.

For example, he (The Prophet)  said about prayer, "Pray as how you see me pray" and he  said about hajj, "Take your rites from me." Therefore, before we begin to pray, we study first how to pray, and before we go for hajj, we learn how to perform hajj. And this goes for all aspects of our lives, for example, if we want to start a business, it is wajib to learn the shari'ah laws around business and what Rasulullah  said about the conduct in business.

And he  said, "The best of you are those who are best to his family, and I am best to my family". This is enough as a proof that before we start a family, we need to learn the prophetic way of running a family and bringing up children.

Parenting isn't something that comes naturally with the birth of a child. It is something that needs to be learnt. It is because we have neglected learning how to parent from our beloved Prophet  that we find so many issues within the family unit, children being neglected, children rebelling, running away... And these problems magnify when they extend out to society as a whole.


Notes by Farhana Munshi on a course on Raising Children entitled: 'The Family: Where to?', taught by Habib Tahir al-Attas. Hb Tahir is a graduate of Dar al-Mustafa and is currently working on his PhD on Family Affairs and has extensive experience in this field. He is also the founder and Principal of the Qur'an School, Dar al-Tanzil.

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