Infinity Underscarf™

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The Infinity Underscarf™ is the perfect sidekick to drive the Infinity Hijab™ to ultimate performance.

They boast the same innovative magnetic pockets to lock your outer hijabs in place. The pockets make sure your magnets never ever fall out or get lost. At the same time, they’re easily removable if you ever want to replace them or give them a quick wash in the washing machine.

Our specially designed silicon strips run along your face and help keep those pesky strands of hair out of sight.

The CrissCross Infinity Underscarf™ is made from Cupro-blended jersey material which is cooling, breathable, moisture-wicking and quick dry.

The Bandana and Ninja Infinity Underscarves™ are made from Mint-blended jersey material which is cooling, odor-control, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

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